Thesis is the only known civilization of this world, the rest of the world being completely unknown to each and every man. Because of this, the world has never been given a name seeing as no one fully knows what it is, whether it is a plane, a dimension, or maybe it is a massive labyrinth, with Thesis being the only safe haven. Regardless very little is known about the world outside of Thesis and that is why you, the player, are here. You are here to embark on an adventure for the glory of your home and to bring Thesis to its first golden age, bringing greatness and prosperity for generations to come.

The city is vast and has a broad range of people, cultures, and practices within the city. A treaty created in times past prevents segregation of religion and race, and has given the city the ability to have churches and temples of all different kinds of deities from Moradin to Vecna.

The city holds a minor population now, of roughly twenty thousand, but must still have strict inner workings to keep peace between everyone. Because of such a great population, forty percent of the area of the city goes toward one massive marketplace where people from all around the city come to sell their goods and services. If you want it, you can probably get it there, whether it be armor, weapons, magic or even women. The rest of the city is built for housing developments, four specific districts have been made within the city, they have not been given proper names but by the wealthy they are known as the ‘poor district’, the ‘pauper district’, the ‘wealthy district’ and the of coarse a specific area toward the North Eastern part of Thesis is held for only the Noble Families. Most houses are just built up on two to three floors for space management and in most districts people live in apartments that they either pay for straight out or pay monthly depending on their wealth. In most cases, the first floor will be shops and various locations of interests from botanist to blacksmiths if the district is busy enough and has such a great population.

From the Adventures Guild, to the Mages Academy, there is always something to do in Thesis or outside of it, for the brave and adventurous. If you are looking for a more religious affair, you can sit down at any amount of local churches. Religious freedom within Thesis is strictly enforced and anyone, with the monetary backing, is free to set up their own religion, given there is room for the temple to be built, and people have taken advantage of this. Because of this, the variety of churches and temples throughout the city is various to say the least. You would think conflict would have come out such things, such as having more shady cults and followings next to people who believe themselves to be more honorable, but surprisingly no fights have broken out. Out of this, has raised open-mindedness and cultural acceptance, for the most part. The people of Thesis have the tendency to be just as well cultured and diverse as the city itself.

The city is overseen by the six bloodline descendants of Otimorn himself, the founder of the city of Thesis, each taking a place in the cities government to ensure order and peace throughout.

Sitting at the top of the chain is the Otimorn Family Household, also considered the High King and High Queen of Thesis. They spend time keeping track and peace between the other five families, settling disputes, and in many cases passing laws. The other five families handle different parts of the cities functions, and have since near Thesis’s creation by Otimorn.

The Baymore Family looks over arcane control within the city. Magic can be a devastating thing when put into the wrong hands, so the children of the Baymore family have to watch over the city, and if questionable items were to come up within the market place or the mages guild, they deal with such things accordingly.

The Sermus family has backed the workforce for Thesis for generations. Their sons and daughters of old were few of the brave enough to walk out into the unknown and bring back workers and interests that could be used in Thesis’s development. It is believed they still do this to this day.

The Ortimus family has looked over Thesis’s security, always on patrol, and always on watch. Just about anyone can train a solider to fight, but only the Ortimus family can teach a person to defend an entire city and its inhabitants without the need to raise a sword.

The Heranos Family has kept track of Thesis’s banking system for as long as there has been gold. Tight fingered as they may be, this family has always used the money gained toward the betterment of Thesis.

The Quinton family is, well…the Quinton Family. Strangely enough not much is known about them. There are those who believe they spend their time watching Thesis’s citizens from the shadows, but for what purpose?

This is the city of imagination and possibilities. What will you do in such a world?


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