The Mage's Acedemy

The “Mage’s Academy” is a place of learning and challenges, debates and sacrifice.

The Mage’s Academy has stood for almost 500 years, and throughout all 500 of those years the foundation has stood for teaching the its students and trainees not only the way to control and cast spells, and other forms of the magical arts, but it has always taken the time to teach the ethics and morality behind the magic, so that it should never be misused, or for the pain and suffering of others.

The archway leading into the academy has sigils depicted upon it that not everyone can understand. For those that do however they find themselves seeing or reading a statement that usually follows them for their entire lives as they venture on in their training of the arcane.

There are several leaders of the Academy, one for each school of magic, but sitting above them all is the founder of the school Kristora. Said to be one of the greatest mages to ever walk the lands of Thesis, she took an early interest in the arcane at the age of 2. By the age of seven she had mastered not only the school of Abjuration but also Divination. It is believed that she has since then mastered every school of magic and has gained insight on magic that no other has. It was that event, that supposedly inspired her to open the school. She has been seen as one of the most prominent figures in Thesis, having all of the Noble families respect, and often ask her advice on subjects that would require her attention and in many cases, anything else.|
|The school has a head teacher or professor for each school of magic although they are considered professors in the most ordinary of terms. The classes aren’t taught in the way of a professor speaking and students taking notes but that everyone teaches each other. This of coarse varies from school to school, but the freedom this provides allows a large amount of research to be done in any given subject as people find interest.

Although most people in every day life do not accept Necromancy, it is taught within the college. It is rarely seen as a dark art and for the students studying it, the school is just another fundamental process of using and controlling magic, and thus should be taught and learned. In this and most cases, while taught under special situations and used under special situations, the use of most magic is not allowed throughout the streets of Thesis without written consent of the head of the district you wish to use it in. This usually refers to one of the heads of the Noble Families. Necromancy specifically is banned throughout the main city, as are most Conjuration Spells.

Most of not all children found to have a gift or having the capability to work with the arcane, are taken from their homes, with permission from the parents: if any, and taken to be trained on the proper use of the magic they have learned to use. When parents do not give permission for their children to be taken to the academy, they are given a grace period to the age of 7. At that point the child must go to the academy for training, unless during the time the child is growing to the age of 7 in which case they will be forcefully taken to the academy. The children are able to leave at any time however the training is usually grueling and takes a large portion of the students time, so leaving to see family is not common but does happen, usually around a monthly basis, if not longer.

There is no graduation within the Mage’s Academy, once you are found to have a capable understanding of the powers that the mage has and knows how to use it correctly for the purpose of positive effects, through several tests, they are free to do as they wish within the grounds, leave to do whatever they wish, or any combination of the two. Most do find themselves continuing to study their arts forms, while others use their powers in the Adventure’s Guild to earn some much needed coin for them or their families.

The most interesting and highly debated part of the Mage’s academy is the lack of knowledge about its physical standards, or the inside of the Academy. The building to the academy itself is nothing more then a cylindrical building toward the northern wall of Thesis. It was shaped to look similar to a lighthouse. While it does not have a rotating light at the top of it, it does have a small fire that never goes out. Almost like a shining star to lead you where you need to go. The more interesting part of the building is the entrance. It is simply a stone archway that is blocked up with bricks. The archway says in common “The Mage’s Academy”. Those with the capability to manipulate the arcane have the ability to pass through the concrete wall that has been made in the archway and enter into the school. Those who don’t have an affinity for magic find themselves slamming their face into concrete. There have been no pictures of the academy and all scrying attempts have failed to see what is inside.

These are a group of people that are said to be the best at what they do, necessarily their specified school of arcane magic. These ‘professors’ are just as much students as they are constantly working on their trade. Although people believe they have hit the pinnacle of power in their respective abilities, each of them knows there is always more to learn.
As an added bonus of taking their scholarly duties so seriously they have the tendency to be good at teaching, although this isn’t true for all of them. Professors:


The Mage's Acedemy

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