The Library

The Library is a fairly newer building within Thesian history. It was commissioned by the head of the Mage’s Academy, Kristora, for unknown purposes. Why she developed this library within the city walls is beyond them, but very few have ever questioned her decisions and the few that have were told:
“Knowledge is the key to many of life’s trials. I realize now that limiting the knowledge that I have gained over the years to only the mages of Thesis was unethical and frankly wrong. I wish to help everyone in every way that I can, and this is just the start.

The library in size isn’t much larger then an ordinary chapel, at least from the outside. Once inside a person will realize that it is far larger then one could imagine, at least from looking at the outside of the building. Although it is rarely used by the average citizen of Thesis, it does have a lot of people interested. Most of the Noble Families have paid large sums to have the library roped off for a limited time from public access so that they may search for information without ‘annoyances’.

The Library is fully staffed by a combination of Lore Masters and Oracles although when looking for services the Lore Masters have been known to be more helpful.

The Oracles have a tendency to get lost in their train of thought. No one knows why they work here since they don’t seem to accomplish much.
There are a lot of people that dislike the Library, such forward use of magic and in such obviously massive amounts has the tendency to disinterest and even scare some people. This does raise a large amount of suspicion however. The first of which being, why is there so much magic being used in something as simple as a library? Secondly, what purpose do these Oracles serve?

The Library

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