The Fighter's Guild

The Fighter’s Guild, what need more be said? It is exactly as it sounds!

The bravest adventurers in Thesis and some of the wildest fighters join in this guild.
Most think that the Fighter’s Guild is a useless settlement of ruffians, however that isn’t entirely true. Although they do spend a large amount of time training, breaking many things in the process. They do spend their time finding work that is appropriate for them. Most find their way climbing the private security force ladder within Thesis, several have been known to have gotten a job protecting the High King, one of the best jobs a guard could ever achieve in Thesis.
Others spend their time making themselves strong, tougher, gaining experience so they will be less likely to fall in the wilds outside Thesis when they take on a job with the Adventurer’s Guild.

While most of the people here spend their time being the sh*t out of each other on a daily basis, the guild does have its positive notes. With such a vast variety of fighters, knights, monks, and paladins here, there is always someone to help with training. Some of the members of the guild have been known to master or at least employ the use of the most strange weapons ever seen.

Whenever a blacksmith within Thesis creates a new design for a weapon, the Fighter’s Guild has been known to clamor around the blacksmith, each willing to pay top dollar for whatever the person may have made. New fighting styles are always liked within the guild and wanted heavily.
There are several ties that have been made between the Adventurer’s and the Fighter’s Guild. Because of this it is possible to find jobs at either location that function in the same way as the Adventurer’s Guild. Although the jobs at the Fighter’s Guild are more limited and far more specific. Most of them have to deal with guarding an item, a delivery, performing body guard services or hunting in some rare cases.

The foundation is also fully outfitted with

Its own gym
Its own mess hall
Several training rooms
Its own private blacksmith
Training devices for every common martial art

The Fighter's Guild

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