The Adventurer's Guild

The adventure’s guild was originally set up by the cities founder Ortimus. As the city grew and the population increased and the walls seem to get smaller and smaller, more and more jobs were required to keep everything functioning. However; that many full time jobs were never, and are still not, needed within Thesis. Thus, ‘The Adventurer’s Guild’ was created. It was a way for shops, companies, and organizations to send out ‘jobs’ that people might be interested in doing for just a bit extra pay. These jobs fluctuate vastly in gold rewarded and difficulty. Anyone is allowed to take on a job unless they do not meet the prerequisites that the supplier of the job may make. That means even children can earn some gold. These jobs can have people going far beyond the walls of Thesis and out into vastly unknown territories, or it could be something along the lines of finding a lost pet.

Most people who work for the guild find themselves forming teams with other people that they have gotten to know over years of jobs or training. Sometimes this can make jobs easier, sometimes harder, but more often then naught it is good to bring along someone you can trust that you know will have your back.

Most people find themselves growing up doing odd jobs for the guild, the more you do, the more your personal ranking goes up, and the more jobs the guild is willing to throw your way. While it is true that anyone is allowed to take on any job they wish, the Adventure’s Guild will only give specific jobs to those that, to their understanding, have the experience to complete the task or tasks.

To explain this another way, a job can be, and are openly listed to everyone and anyone. Anyone interested in taking the job simply tell the Adventurer’s Guild representative that they wish to take the job. If they are found to have the experience behind them, they are given the job. This doesn’t stop other people from attempting jobs as the information about it was up for all to see. If a person takes this information from and completes the job, without authorization from the Guild, they will not be payed through them. They can attempt to talk to the person or organization who offered the job, but often enough, the organization will believe they are being swindled or scammed, don’t believe what they are being told, then won’t pay.
There are many who take jobs that lead them far out of Thesis and have yet to return. Some believe that many of the adventurer’s die out in the wilds of the rest of the world. Others believe that the task has yet to be completed and the person, or people are still working on it.
Some can go years without being seen or heard from and some are just never seen again, thus are the risks of the Adventurer’s Guild. A life full of adventure and wealth, if you are willing to risk your life to obtain it.

The Adventurer's Guild

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