Sermus Family

The Sermus family is probably the most well known and also the most disliked family in Thesis. They have a nasty history within the walls of Thesis and little they have done has changed people’s opinions about them.

The Sermus family originally worked as slavers, going out into the wilds of the world, find small settlements of people and creatures alike, raid them, do whatever they want with the resources of the town, take any people of interest, and leave whatever they found for ruin.

These people were then brought into the city, marked with a “Slaves Tattoo” and forced into horrible labor for the the families, and the city as a whole. The “Slave Tattoo” is something that holds mind-boggling power, and the Sermus family will not acknowledge or tell where they gained the information to make such marks although most believe there has to be a demonic orientation to something so dark.

That tattoo itself is simple. It is a mark of the one of the families that is placed just about anywhere on the body. The problem arises for most people when they find out how much control the tattoo has over the person. With a “Slaves Tattoo” on the body, the slave is unable to talk negatively about the family, or act in any such way that would appear negative. They are forced to do anything that the slave owners says to the exact degree to that the order is given. This can include suicide, murder, or even sexual deeds.

One-Hundred and fifty years ago, a law was established that slaves were no longer allowed to be sold, traded, bought, or given to families within Thesis. It was also illegal to go beyond Thesis’s boarders to find and enslave other creatures or people. This was asked for by the population of Thesis as a large amount of unrest filled the population about the mistreatment of the slaves.

This has not in anyway stopped the slave trade up to the current day. Although slaves are not being brought up publicly and sold as they use to be in the marketplace or within the Sermus household, they are still around today. The laws passed so long ago did not give any slave its freedom and for those that owned longer living creatures such as elves, the slaves are still working to this day.

With these laws passed, most would think the Sermus family household would have lost a large portion of their wealth and funding. This is not at all accurate. The gold still pours through the halls of the Sermus family, and very very happily.

Although it is not seen by the guards of Thesis, the slave trade is still clearly active as human slaves are still abundant and that race only lives on average 70-90 years. Which means that in some way or another the Sermus family is still taking slaves and importing them into Thesis.

Several people have attempted to show this to King Xavery and confront the Sermus Family. In every case the person accusing the household has gone missing and the cases were abandoned.

The head of the Sermus family is a man by the name of “Bowr (Pronounced Boar)Quinton”. He is not the legitimate air to the throne but was simply the first man Nerra Quinton has married since the passing of the male head of the house Aramus Quinton. She has accumulated a total of 6 husbands since then. Bowr Quinton, being the male head of the house has control over the family but its very commonly known that Nerra holds his reins. So far Nerra has had several offspring with the six men she has married but none that she will call her rightful heir.

Sermus Family

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