Otimorn Family

The Otimorn family is the head ruling group of Thesis, it consists solely of King Xavery, Queen Krisella, Prince Ian, and Princess Grace.

King Xavery is often refereed to as the High King of Thesis, however; most heads of the various other families also consider themselves to be the Kings or Queens of Thesis, although that is no where near accurate to say the least. King Xavery as of recently is said to be coming to the end of his reign as age is taking a tole on his body, he has fallen lln within that last four months, and although the physicians within the families palace have given news that the illness will not be lethal, most believe this is to attempt to halt unrest. If the news that King Xavery is dying would have been told, it could cause civil unrest, and even more so, the other families may start plotting how they could overtake and control the kingdom.

If the King is to die anytime soon, his son Prince Ian and his wife Princess Galatea would take the throne. Prince Ian and Princess Galatea were married about twenty years ago and have spent their time in the palace for safety. The most interesting part of this marriage arrangement was that Princess Galatea was not from Thesis. She descended from the clouds twenty-one years ago, although according to some stories, it was more of a crash then a simple decent, seeing as she almost destroyed a temple, and a large portion of road way on the way down.

It didn’t take much time for the woman to be taken to a secure facility and be interrogated about where she came from, and more importantly, what she was. Two things made Galatea different compared to anyone within Thesis. The first of which being the two massive white feathered wings coming from her back. She seems to have complete control over then and does have the ability to fly with ease. The second of which is her paleness and a faint glow, and warmth that she gives off. Everything about the woman is pale, when it comes to her skin, the color of her eyes, even her hair looks as if it has been bleached by the sun, being a mix of blonde and white.
She was taken into the palace and never seen out in public again. It was not longer then six months later that King Xavery announced the marriage of his son and this unknown woman who fell from the sky. No one has any idea why this is happening but no one has come up with plausible evidence as to why it shouldn’t happen.

The family has had a large string of ‘accidents’ befall them in the last century. Between the attack on Queen Krisella and ‘The Raven Queen Incident’, peoples opinions have varied over whether they can trust any part of the royal families. Roughly forty years ago most of the population trusted the Otimorn family over all the other families as they seemed to keep the interests of the people at all times. ‘The Raven Queen Incident’ changed all of that.

Just under forty years ago, the representative of Raven Queen religious following asked for the creation of a temple within Thesis as which the population of the Thesis was at its all time high, and there was little room to create a a building.
For the first time in forty years, King Xavery came out of his palace to say something the masses of Thesis. Needless to say, it having been so long, the populace was ecstatic to see and hear from him.
A stage was built yet again in the marketplace like it was forty some years before, but in this case, a very different, and as of that point in history unseen form of guards were sent up around. They wore thick heavy armor that showed no part of their faces and did not even have places for their sight. They held massively over-sized shields and stood guard around the clock, never moving until told to. King Xavery then took the stage after it had been completed.
The announcement that he made was of the Raven Queen’s interest in residing within Thesis, not leaving it up to a vote, but stating that it was to gain a home within Thesis. He then made a decision that to this day he denies ever making, and regrets that he apparently had. He told the city that The Raven Queen would roost in whatever temple was found empty by the sunset, which was in six hours.
Each and every temple took this as a way to possibly remove their biggest rival from the city. Quite literally, hell broke lose. Within six hours, war had broken out in the city. A total of sixty-five percent of the population was killed, no household was sparred and no kindness was given. Women, children and men alike were put to the sword, knife, arrow fire, or in some cases, giant mutant millipede. The city was ransacked and almost destroyed in the process. At the end of it all, the temple of Yondalla, was almost burned to the ground and emptied completely, so it was rebuilt as the house of the Raven Queen. Most people see that as an omen in and of itself

It has been 35 years since that event and people are still dealing with their losses. Far before that however another tragedy happened that has caused the family to keep itself locked within the walls of the palace even to this day, minus one or two rare events

Over sixty years ago, there was an event that shook Thesis to its core. All those years ago the Otimorn family wished to make a public announcement. They had a stage built in the marketplace of Thesis, and had it well guarded over a three day period. On the fourth day, the Otimorn Family stepped up on stage to make the announcement, neither Ian or Grace had been born at this point. King Xavery stepped forward to make an announcement while his wife Queen Krisella stayed seated in the back. As the king was about to make his announcement to the whole of Thesis, arrow fire was shot out from over the crowd, a huge hail of arrows shot towards the stage. To everyone’s surprise not a single arrow seemed to be aimed at the king, but every last one was aimed at his wife. She barely survived the incident and for 40 years the family did not leave their palace in fear that someone would attempt another assassination.

As said before, the family has had a large amount of tragedy in its past and it has a lot to make up for but above all, it has still been able to hold the hearts of the people and do what has been best for Thesis. King Xavery has also spent time to create compromises to stop the families from fighting between each other, and keep any bad blood out of the kingdom.

Otimorn Family

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