Ortimus Family

The Ortimus family is a very prideful family. They believe that they should be in control of Thesis taking the spot of High King and High Queen. The family holds the idea that their family should have been originally given the spot of the High King, but there is no historical evidence to back this up. That under no circumstances has stopped them from saying so. That does not mean that the other noble families don’t believe the same thing, however the Ortimus family is very open about that opinion.

Over sixty years ago, there was an event that shook Thesis to its core. All those years ago The Otimorn family wished to make a public announcement so they had a stage built in the marketplace of Thesis, and had it well guarded over a three day period, in which it was built. On the fourth day, the Otimorn Family stepped up on stage to make the announcement. King Xavery stepped forward to make the announcement while his wife Queen Krisella stayed seated in the back of the stage. As the king was about to make his announcement to the whole of Thesis, arrow fire was shot out from over the crowd, towards the stage. To everyone’s surprise not a single arrow seemed to be aimed at the king, nor hit him, but every last one was aimed at his wife. She barely survived the incident and for 40 years the family did not leave their palace in fear that someone would attempt another assassination.

No one was ever convicted of the crime seeing as the arrows were not truly shot from an marksman. The arrows, according to all the accounts appeared out of thin air from the center of the crowds, never shot, but simply materialized speeding towards the stage.

Most people believe that the Ortimus family had something to do with this attack, so that they would have their chance to take the seat as the head of Thesis, but this is only rumor and nothing was ever proven. Others believe that the Baymore family might have been to account for this with their wealth and understanding of the arcane but that was just as soon dismissed.

The Ortimus family is primarily known throughout Thesis for their work with its security. They work with the Heranos family for materials for armor, with the Baymore family for weapons, and they have a personal training style that apparently can keep their men in top shape to guard the walls, and Thesis’s people, from just about anything.

The Ortimus usually takes the most accomplished fighters in the Fighter’s Guild and hires them as protectors for the city, in which each of them has the ability to work up the latter, be promoted and be paid very well. There are several people who aspire to this job as it demands physical excellence and being picked is considered an honor.

There are some occasions where a children come to the Fighter’s Guild in order to train. Its not uncommon for this to happen as some children just aspire to be adventurers later in life and some start early wielding an ax, where others read books. It is a person choice.
But occasionally the head of the Ortimus Family, fairly newly anointed as of ten years ago, Elena Ortimus, walks through the rubble of the Fighter’s Guild initiates and chooses one or two every year or so. Those children, if they and their guardians accept, are taken to the King Xavery’s palace where they are trained to be personal guardians to the king. Training in this way is a life sentence and they are not allowed to leave the palace once they accept. This is also a prestigious honor, although some have turned it down. For those that accept, the family of the child is paid handsomely and the child is claimed to be ‘gifted’.

As of right now there is only one head of the Ortimus Family, Elena Ortimus, a human now in her late thirties, has still not chosen not to take on a husband. She has spoken publicly saying that the family estate and title were passed down to her, and she has no interest in someone taking that power from her, whether through marriage or any other means.

Ortimus Family

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