Old Heroes

Heroes come and Heroes go, that is the way the world works. They touch all those around them and try their best to bring their dreams into reality, something very few can do. Although these heroes may be ‘gone’ that doesn’t mean the story is over. That doesn’t even mean their part is over. The story will continue on for future heroes to hopefully take up the mantle of “Children of Fate” in the hopes of bringing this possibly never ending story closer to its end. Azadeth






Born in the Druidic Sanctuary, Elly trained unlike any other that ran through the trees in their youth, running around in full plate that she obtained from Thesis. Later in life, she went off to Thesis to join the Adventurer’s Guild for grand adventures. Elly has always put effort into forgoing violence when, at all possible. She has always taken care of her comrades, and anyone else that she believes deserves a second chance, or a first for that matter. Elly disappeared along with a large amount of her friends, but her, and her friends effects on Thesis will not be forgotten.
After Elly’s Ending
Nortfire Wolfswift
Nortfire is artificer far ahead of his time. Nortfire grew up in Thesis, but found out very quickly that he was outgrowing it and wanted to expand far beyond what its walls would allow. He created a vast amount of inventions for himself and in some cases even more for his allies and friends. He has most recently taken up residence with Kristora at the Mage’s Academy. His work, with Kristora’s knowledge has led to great strides in the advancement of technology and magic.
After Nortfire’s Ending
Everett Quinton
Everett is the parties so called captain and self-appointed leader. Everett wished, at a young age, to set out to see the world, and with the help of a good crew, he found just what he was looking for after meeting the people he has come to call his friends. With his amazing amount of raw luck, arrogance, and almost unnatural curiosity, or what he claimed to be his leadership style, he lead his friends and allies through hell and back.
After Everett’s Ending
Jaques Couteau Ortimus
What started out as a favored slave in the Ortimus household, eventually worked up to being considered a brother amongst the family’s elite, particularly being liked by the household’s daughters Raina and Elena. Not long after going out to see with his so-called friend, he found himself with the nickname “Quibbles” by the group’s captain and leader. Jaques soon found himself going on journeys to places unknown, with all kinds of hell to break lose. With a dagger in one hand, a violin in the other, he left his mark everywhere he went, usually on each and every person’s throat.
After Jaques’s Ending
Originally a follower of Nerull, Azadeth found himself eventually forsaking the being of murder and decay for a single ideal, that of death. He found himself being able to tap into a basic energy the flowed throughout the universe and bend it to his will. There were many within Thesis that met the end of his scythe. Where he is today is a mystery.
After Azadeth’s Ending
Balur was a paladin of the Dragons of Myth. An Orc that believed himself to be dragon blooded, Balur spent the first bit of his life going from temple to temple to learn what he could from not one deity but each. He learned what he could from each god and applied it to his own life, in his own way. He was one of a few to believe that no one god seemed to have an entirely wholesome view of life or all the answers, only knowing the best about their various domains and interests. He sought a better life for himself and he found one, with the help of some deities, but eventually with the Children of Fate where he stood as the faithful vanguard for everything that is just and right.
After Balaur’s Ending

Old Heroes

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