Most Notable Villages of Arx

After roughly two weeks of traveling northwest from the capital city of Arx, a person will find themselves in what ordinarily is a very desolate town. For 364 days a year, give or take a few days, only a few families live in the region. The region isn’t very hospitable, due to food and water lacking commonly. Luckily, a cleric group following the teachings of Cayden Cailean rested in the area and, after finding the families to be kind and fairly generous, created a small chapel. The priests clerical powers and magics have solved a large amount of the villages food and water problems, as this region sits on the edge of a desert leading to the mountains of Montanis, the people were happy to receive their gifts. It is one of the more northern cities in all of Arx.
What makes Renov well known and interesting is a giant fire pit that sits at the center of the village. It burns on average eight, to ten feet high and the pit itself has a diameter of twenty feet, and has never been put out by water, dirt, or even a lack of air. The fire that burns in this pit is said to be the remains of where a phoenix had landed and contacted the man who created the village. Once per year, on the hottest day of the year, a celebration held with the flame being the center piece.
There is a legend that tells of a being, were it to find itself so strong, that it could bear the phoenix’s flames, it would become the new found king, the “Phoenix King”, an immortal warrior of the light and flame.

Named after the massive tree that it has become known for, the village of Banyan has made a significant amount of money off the tree itself. Founded almost two hundred years ago, the original founder of the tree believed that the tree was planted as a seed by Erastil. Before the war began, the creatures of Dyradalum were often hunted, their unique size, strength, and tremendous power made them wanted targets for the followers of the master hunter. Its said that he raised the tree in the center of the city as a safe zone for his followers, where the beasts could not go. That legend has held up to this day.
Banyan lies to the southwest of the capital city of Arx, and lies on the boarder of Arx and Dyradalum, under any other circumstance, the town would be filled with ghosts and corpses, all the buildings not demolished would be covered by blood of the warriors and beasts that perished there. The blessing from the greatest hunter has been a double-edged sword for the Arx military. Although it wants to use what it calls “This incredible lucky streak” of Banyan, the residents constantly refuse the military, arguing that having the military set up a place in Banyan could desecrate the village and the blessing could be no more, costing Arx an amazing village and hundreds, if not thousands of lives.

The Dragon’s Ranch
After Nico Artor brought back egg, after egg, from his journeys to only the gods know where, he needed a place where the dragons could grow to a reasonable size, where they would be safe, and could grow without the possibility of destroying or harming a village, let alone people. He was granted a section of land far from any other civilizations that exists on the far side of a mountain range, on the coast of the Sun’s-Shore Sea. There he owns a large section of land consisting of thousands of acres of land. The Dragon’s Ranch was originally kept as a military secret as they didn’t want anyone from other countries possibly sneaking onto the ranch and steeling eggs. What the military didn’t see coming, were the spies that made their way to the ranch, along with some raiders, were burnt to cinders by dragons. Apparently the dragons are very protective of one another and the eggs that are held at the ranch. The dragon’s ages range on the ranch anywhere from, being an egg, to young adults, with Leomar being the only known exception.
There are rarely any tourists that decide to visit or spend time out at the ranch, with the immanent threat of dragons being over head. The only people that can find the ability to gain access to the ranch without being harmed are those that travel with Nico himself.

Appropriately named, “Dune” is a extraordinarily small village towards the most northern part of Arx. It consisted of, when last recorded, three buildings, the largest of which was a cafeteria like building, that was primarily made of driftwood and mud. Although Arx has heard that they have improved the living conditions a bit, few people have considered moving out that far north. Dune sits right on the edge of the desert, that acts as the naturally made border of Arx. Sand, believe it or not, is the biggest export of “Dune”. The sand that sits on in the desert is remarkably fine, and has shown to have a handful of uses, not including being a requirement for some spell-casting. The sand, when applied in the right amounts for a certain portion of time has been shown to be rejuvenating, or at least appear as if the skin is being set back several years.

High Ward
This is a fair sized trading city that sits between “The Dragons’ Ranch” and the kingdom of Dividuus, and while it started out as a primarily fishing export based city, it has gained a darker image by the rest of the kingdom. With “High Ward” being so close to Dividuus, on several occasions, groups of individuals have been found with unknown magical items, that were later claimed to be projects currently in the process of development by Dividuus. There are several rumors going about, speaking of an underground trade route, although any rumors or speculations are constantly denied by the Justices of Arx, saying that any network that may have existed, was taken care of.

This doesn’t exist really as much of a city or a village, as much as an area that is owned by a particular family. The Alkem family decided to ‘stake a claim’ out in a mountain range that sits towards the northern end of Thesis. Many people and groups have attempted similar livelihoods, but have usually ended up with little to nothing. The Alkem family, however; struck rich finding a rich supply of varying metals, including gold, silver, coal, iron and varying other metals. The family started a small plantation and has created a small community that survives off itself. Originally, when word spread of its wealth, a few groups of mercenaries, adventurers and raiders attempted to attack, only to be found struck down, or back, by a security group that is being paid by the family. No one group has yet to get past their security.

This small villages is the only one to make it, or at least survive at its size, while being along the mountain range that surrounds “The Dragons’ Ranch”. A large amount of larger dragons have claimed areas in the mountains as their own, and some may have, in the past, seen the village as a possible feeding ground, or possibly just a place to make a nice fire. When Vastan was first being built, the mayor spoke out to the council member who controls “The Dragons’ Ranch”, Nico Artor, about possibly paying him for protection of the village, seeing as he seems to have some kind of bond with the reptiles, or at least the strength to fight them. Nico turned down the offer saying that he did not have the ability to protect them all the time, and because of could not take their money, for a service he could not provide, however; Nico’s partner Leomar met and talked with the mayor, and guaranteed protection of the village, as long as the village can compensate him appropriately. Ever since then, Leomar has bested several dragons, of which were used to make various armors and weapons, that have been sold throughout the rest of Arx.

For each community that is created, there has to be a large amount of paperwork showing who controls the grounds of the area, and any taxes that have to be given. No such paperwork can be found on this location. “Ravine” isn’t a city as much as its a giant grave-site. One of the bloodiest battles against Dryadalum took place at this location just next to “The Blood Line”. So many people, both in and outside of the military has died, that the entire area was left as a monument to the dead, to the loss that Arx has over the last several hundred years.
Although the ground level of “Ravine” consists of grave-sites, there is a noticeable interest. At the very center of the grave site stands a huge black-diamond statue of “The Raven Queen”, or so most think. The statue is clearly of a robed humanoid, with what people believe to have a womanly figure, with two sprouting black wings coming out of the back of the robe. Beyond the image itself, there is no actual indication that it is a statue to the Raven Queen. It is also worth noting that no one knows how it came to be there, but no one has an interest in taking it down, as it gives a calming yet eerie feel to the area, and can be seen from miles away.

Named after the deity Fharlanghn, this city exists as a cross roads for the entire kingdom. Made in the kingdom’s youth, Fharlan stood as the midpoint of a road that was made from the most northern point of the kingdom to the most southern point. After that road finished, several other roads have emerged from the city going in all and any directions towards notable cities or locations.
At the very center of the city, a statue of Fharlanghn was erected with him, standing with his walking staff, pointed north. The village goes around the statue, but is sectioned due to the roads that extend from it, now in eight different directions.

This city, that was located in a large forested area towards “The Blood Line” was destroyed completely recently by unknown attackers. Although several Knights have been sent out to investigate the area, they have all come back claiming the area is not safe for restoration or burials as of yet. Everyone in one single night was wiped out by an unknown force, leaving a massive amount of carnage and destruction, but it was worth noting that fire was not used in the process as the nature surrounding the city was remarkably untouched. Several religious and cult groups have been wanting to visit the area, but the Arxian government has put up black tape around the area, not allowing anyone to go near the vicinity until the council is fully aware of what happened.

A few hundred miles south of Fharlan, lies the surrounding city, and mountain of “Augury”. The city was given this name as sitting at the top of the mountain that is in the center of the city is a large temple where an oracle stays from birth till death. Several people with the right inclination have gone to the temple to hear her words of wisdom, her tales of the old, and her prophecies. Her divination have yet to be wrong, although some are far more confusing then others. The city below has been considered a breeding ground for religions and cults. Most of the larger temples that dot the city are of the more well known gods of the pantheon, but others can be strange, some alterations, and others are just creepy altogether.

Ris and Ros
These two villages aren’t even on the mainland. They are cities that have been made to float just over the ocean’s water and have a certain type of magic that is holding them in position so they aren’t moved by the ocean currents. The small amount of military that is located at either “Ris” or “Ros” is in charge of mapping out the ocean around Arx, however; due to a lack of funding, their findings have been far less then what could be considered interesting. They do continually send interesting species of fish into Arx however over the last several years.

Low Ward
Contrary to its other half, “High Ward”, “Low Ward” does seem to have the shady systems that its northern brother is known for. The mages in “Low Ward” have actually been creating some of the more innovative inventions, including new magical items that have improved people’s daily lives, and new types of technology, that some have come to address as “SteamPunk”.

This location is at the south eastern part of Arx and is just over fifty square miles. The entire area was fenced off several years ago, and what is actually at the center of it is a complete mystery. No one has gotten past the fence due to security, and it stands as Arx’s greatest secret, even to its populace.

Most Notable Villages of Arx

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