This capital city of Montanis is buried deep within a mountain range towards the most northern end of the continent. It’s actually a fairly interesting city, as it sits similarly to an iceberg. There is only so much above the surface actually out in the mountain range. Montanis boasts a population of 50,000; 1,000 of which sit above the surface. These are actually the poorest of the population that live in Montanis, but make no mistake that does not mean these people are poor.
When people from other nations gain enough gold or other resources that could be worth a large amount, the family, or people in general, try to move to Montanis. The city as it sits in the mountain range doesn’t consist of much. What is above the ground is simply a giant stone tower that is shaped like a massive cone, reaching five-hundred feet high.

There is a massive black stone wall that goes around the entire area that is above ground including a little bit of garden that goes around the premise. The stone wall is what interests most people when they come near the city as it is a combination of obsidian and adamantine. The combination of the two made a material strong then steel, incredibly hard to scratch, let alone break, and holds a wondrous sheen. What makes it more amazing, is that the entire wall was crafted as one piece, considering it spans five-hundred feet in height and has a circumference of just under thirty miles. People have looked into the creation of making a similar product but they can’t figure out the exact forging process required to combine the two materials to make that kind of object. It also cannot be easily scratched once the material hardens, which means all the drawings and writing on the walls were written while the material was still cooling.

The wall has an amazing amount of scripture written and drawn into it, most of it in a strange script that is a bit rare to know and very few understand it. From what translations have been made, the words going around the wall all speak about stories about giant creatures that were slain in huge battles, massive elder dragons, and some creatures not known by the common man.

Once beyond the top visage of of Montanis, you will find a massive community set up below the surface that seems to act like a massive stalactite hanging from the ceiling but built, or possibly crafted into the one of the walls underground. Fantastic illusions have been set up to make the average person believe that they appear to be above ground, the walls around them appearing as sky, and even making the wind blow a soft breeze throughout Montanis. The entirety of Montanis is a civilization built by layers, with the riches families living towards the edges of the stalactites where the illusion gives them a beautiful view. Form the perspective of the average citizen Montanis is actually a giant flying citadel over the world. It gives the each person the feeling that they are away from all the worries of the world. A large amount of money is spent to keep Montanis its best.


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