Details on the Rules

There are a lot of things about my game that could be different.

So I thought I would take the time to write a few things out to give people a better description of the world, its workings, and hopefully answer any questions that might pop up. Although not all classes are on here, most others relate to these core classes and are in most cases treated similarly.

First lets talk about classes:


Alchemists are commonly seen as something along the lines of a ‘mad scientist’. They create potions, drinks, and salves for any and all purposes, destructive or otherwise. Over time the alchemists have learned to somehow harness the magic around them into the potions they create. This isn’t something the average person can do, and even if they were to come close, it would have nowhere near the same effect. Alchemists aren’t very common within any military as their physical capability is usually lacking, although their ingenuity and creativity can be useful in the right circumstance. Although Alchemists aren’t very common there is at least always one in a big enough community seeing as the potions they create can be amazingly useful.


The barbarian is often considered the “Ticking Time Bomb” or the “Psychopath within the Walls”. These people have the tendency to be short tempered and extraordinarily volatile. That does not mean that they all are like this, its just a simple stereotype, but one proven true time and time again. Barbarians do have their uses in most places of society if they have the focus to put their raw strength and anger towards something constructive. They make fantastic warriors and raiders on the front lines, although they can be seen as useful anywhere a strong arm can be used.


The bard is a storyteller, a singer, a player, a talker, a diplomat, and can very easily be a liar. Commonly seen as court jesters in the past, the once considered ‘lowly bard’ has come to find new places within any society. Not only do they very commonly serve as diplomats for the varying kingdoms, villages, and even families, those brave and wise enough fight in the vanguard boosting the morale of any allies that can hear their words.


The cavalier is seen as a combination of a vast variety of classes characteristics such as a paladin’s determination, a monk’s physical capabilities, and a fighter’s ability with a weapon. They on horseback into battle for their own causes, but what they do, they do well. Just like other religious worshipers they aren’t allowed to work with government policies or anything similar. Most cavaliers found themselves with the interest of becoming a Paladin but didn’t have what it took to become one. That doesn’t mean that the Cavalier is in any way weaker than a Paladin, they simply have a different set of skills and interests.


Clerics are a strange bunch within the kingdoms, to keep it simple. Clerics are more often than naught treated and used as medics on the front lines keeping everyone they can alive and fighting but there are always others. Some clerics focus on the darker sides of society. There have been rumors of late of demons and monsters being summoned. Clerics usually don’t go too far into any type of government, most believe a person who follows a random voice would make for a dangerous leader. Others just see clerics as what they are, worshipers of old gods, most of which want for nothing but to see evil destroyed in society. The million dollar question is, what do they define as evil?


Druids are fairly rare within any kind of civilized society usually preferring to abandon civilized society in order to live in a region that they find comfortable. That doesn’t mean that there are not Druids within a city, some try to find a place that they would consider peaceful, maybe a park or something smaller and live a decent amount of time there. As with Clerics they aren’t found very often within government functions or faculties. Most Druids also never see war choosing to opt out, but for the few that have, they have the tendency to bend the battleground to exactly as it would be needed.


Does this really need to be said? A fighter in a war scenario is one of the best tools a military could ever want, able to swing their chosen weapon to the best of their ability, and able to wear armor with little wear on their own body, a fighter is a fantastic group of physically fit personnel of any government, if not set out to war, they are usually used as bodyguards of local institutions, or for the right pay, bodyguard individuals.


The gunslinger is a new age crafter, a certain type of crafter that has only popped up over the last few years. They weaponry they create has been considered ground-baking and extraordinarily lethal. Their ranged weaponry has been found to be notoriously effective at hitting its mark. There are still some that stick to archery and even some that claim that a bow in the right hand hands is greater than a rifle in the right hands any day of the year. This claim is argued commonly, but it hasn’t stopped firearms from becoming more and more popular. Gunsmiths are almost always accepted into the militaries ranks. Their inventions and creations have the tendency to be incredibly useful.


The inquisitors are a mysterious bunch. Just like rogues they don’t ever claim to be what they are but its thought to a certain extent Inquisitors take what they are in pride. The inquisitor is a shadowy guardian of their beliefs and doctrine. They use the power they have been granted by their god to defend their followers and leaders in any way they see fit, even if it breaks their religious doctrines. Because they are not outright about their beliefs there is nothing stopping them from taking government positions.


The magus is a combination of one part mage, and one part warrior. They are the rare, and select few who are able to and interested in focusing their magic through the weapons they wield in battle. The magus is an extraordinarily rare type of caster, as far as mages go, whenever one wishes to show itself, its more common for them to create a massive display of their power then to focus it into a weapon. Its so rare that there are even rumors spread around them, saying that a magus can only be born when a brave warrior weds a powerful mage.


Monks are few and far inbetween. Most monks are idealists looking for the best way to live. In most cases monks take certain spiritual vows in order to restrain themselves in some way that they believe, almost purifies themselves. While these ideas could see a bit outlandish to the normal individual, monks are known for hand to hand combat and have been shown to gain immense physical prowess from these vows ands tests they put themselves through.


Oracles are a strange bunch of religious followers. They are said to be chosen by their deities after birth and are sworn to work for their gods. Regardless of the way they gained their powers, oracles are great at what they do. Although not great in combat, an oracle has so much utility in what it can do, its powers cannot be ignored. Oracles usually have a specific capability removed from them to gain a powerful divine ability. Each sect of a religion is said to have one although if it is at a local temple is unknown.


Paladins are the great and the courageous of any religious group. They take on evil at any time, any location, because that is what they do. They are known as heroes in many stories and even martyrs in others. While paladins look great in stories, each is different and not everyone is as kind or romantic as stories may lead you to believe. Paladins aren’t accepted into any government facility, most people believing their worship could fog their perspective of a situation.


Rangers are the ‘do-all’ of combat. They stand as tall as some barbarians, can wield a sword like a fighter, can be unyielding as a paladin, and as intuitive as some druids. Anyone that falls under that category of a ranger is the only religious figure that is allowed to serve on any type of government council. Its actually fairly rare for a ranger to be seen out in open combat, rangers have a tendency to be placed in more specific groups that work off of the battlefield for their diverse amount of skills and training.


They are seen as the shady, the swindlers, the selfish, and the greedy. Any rogue with any kind of smarts doesn’t declare himself to be one, or face social consequences, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of them. As described most rogues are seen as this thief that lives in modern society, and prey on the weak. That isn’t always the case, yet again another stereotype. It all depends on how a person wishes to use their talents and training. A bad rogue will steal from the pockets of common folk to buy a knife to take all the money from the same person they just stole from. A good rogue will take the time only to be stolen what needs to be stolen, from the enemy. Then there are all those in between the two extremes, but in the end it all depends on how they want to use their skills.


The universe is vast and fairly unknown place, and there are some that have a unique connection to it, this is the sorcerer. Most are bound by blood in some way or form to the magic that exists throughout the chaos of the universe and that gives them their amazing abilities. Sorcerers are actually very rare throughout the kingdoms in most cases. Some have been seen as foul creatures or abominations, since most are the children of mortals and creatures from beyond the material plane.


The summoner does exactly what it sounds like. They act as arcane druids primarily focusing around a fairly unknown creature known as an eidolon. They summon the creature from a place unknown and no one really teaches a summoner their powers but they seem to fall into it instinctively. The summoner is a bit rarer than a sorcerer but they do exist within the military. The few that stand in armies send their eidolons into battle with usually great results as eidolons act and function like no other creature, they are unpredictable to the enemy and are commonly seen as a great assistance in finishing a battle. Within society summoners are so rare its unknown if they make any discernible difference. Although the few that walk through cities usually walk with their eidolons with pride.


A witch is generally thought of a fairly scary thing in society. A witch has always had a negative connotation to it, and in reality its very, very rarely, any different. Witches pull their powers from a usually unknown source that has a tendency to be dark and destructive. Because of this common stereotype witches don’t make themselves known within any type of society, but its believed that witches like to work from the shadows, effecting society by pulling its strings ever so lightly.


There are some that have a natural affinity to the arcane energies that cover the cosmos but work with it in a different way than a sorcerer would. In most cases wizards don’t have a bloodline that ties them to the arcane energies but have found more scientific means to wield the energy. Most wizards do collect collect information from throughout the cosmos to have a better understanding of the world around them. Most are naturally curious, and others just crave power. Wizards are a bit more common than sorcerers but are still rare in mainstream society.
Here are a few things that might come up about skills and what I find qualifies as a certain skill. Most are obvious but I felt defining them would be appropriate.


The movement of the body in a way that a normal person would not consider physically capable or practical, this could include forms of parkour, jumping as high as possible or maintaining balance. You will have to roll an acrobatics check if you wish to perform some type of action or if an ability or feat requires you to. You will roll acrobatics if there is an action that you wish to perform, however if an event happens in game that would require movement in some way that is a reaction to an immediate event, I will ask you to roll a reflex save. I just wanted to have it understood that these are two different things.


This is the ability to know various, almost random economic information and come to a conclusion as to what an item may be worth in gold, silver, or whatever monetary system is used. Appraise can be used on items but also people, to decide whether a person may qualify for something based on their abilities or looks


This is the ability to lie well. There is a big difference in lying and lying well. Lying poorly is walking up to a person and telling them they are a goose, when they are clearly not. I don’t believe any more description is required.


This is the ability to coordinate the body to scale an incline quickly and effectively. The average person moves a ¼ of their speed up an incline although this changes based on circumstances.


This is the ability to build or create items based on the type of craft skill chosen. There are a large amount of different craft skills to choose from but a different one is required for each different type of item, examples being; alchemy, armor, bows, weapons, traps, and buildings.


This is the ability to talk to people well, to try to get someone to come to your side about a certain subject and even to get someone to give up information that they may have about a certain subject.

Disable Device

Disable device is the ability to take apart an object effectively while not destroying item at hand. This is primarily used to get around traps that may be found but can also be used to take apart objects, even mechanical objects.


The ability to use items around you to change your appearance to a certain degree. There are limitations to this based on the items at hand you can use. How effective this is can be changed based on how well the person you are looking at knows either you or the person you are attempting to look like.

Escape Artist

This is the ability to get yourself out of a situation that person would not like to find themselves in. Although this usually focuses around a person being bound by rope or being held in a grapple this can also be used in other ways, such as leading a subject away from what is being spoken about or leaving the conversation altogether.


This skill only grants you the ability to fly better than you do, should you have the ability to fly already. Otherwise this skill is also used to determine how capable a person is of driving a flying machine or device.

Handle Animal

This skill is used to work with animals or creatures that do not share a common language. It usually focuses around making motions about what is going on if you are trying to describe an event. Although this is most commonly used to calm down or enrage animals under certain situations. Also having enough ranks in this makes you significantly good Charades.


This skill focuses around healing the body using non-magical sources or abilities. This can involve anything from giving first-aid to stitching a wound.


Ever wonder how scary you can look? That is what this skill describes. If great enough you can make a person piss themselves. I believe ‘intimidate’ explains what this skill well enough.


This skill doesn’t focus around the ability to retain information, being random or focused, but the ability to ‘connect the dots’ to answer any and all questions about a certain subject. Taking the time to read books about a subject or going through schooling can lower DC’s about associated knowledge.


This is the ability to know languages and any subtleties to the language, for instance slang. Placing one rank in linguistics grants you a new language. It is also worth noting that you do have the ability to learn to ‘Read Lips’ although that requires taking a rank in linguistics to learn to ‘Read Lips’ and know the language or put another rank in linguistics to learn the language. You do not have to learn ‘Read Lips’ more than once.


This is the ability to use to five senses to discern information that may not be obvious or straightforward. More ranks in this can also allow you to see things in more detail or see farther. This also applies to hearing, the sense of taste and even the sense of smell.
Perform: This skill pertains to any form of entertainment. Whether singing, acting, or otherwise this skill covers it, but similar to crafting you will need an additional skill of perform for each type of perform that you want to be good at.


This skill focuses around how much money can be made for services rendered. Just like perform you will need a different profession for each type of profession you wish to have. The greater amount of ranks you have not only determines how much you are paid for your services but how well you are at the said profession.


the ride skill determines what you are able to do on a mount while in and out of combat. Refer to the pathfinder site for any and all tasks you are capable of doing
Sense Motive: This is the ability to determine if someone is either lying to you, or withholding information. This skill can also be used to understand something that may not have been directly said or mentioned, or in other words, the ability to ‘read between the lines’.

Sleight of Hand

This skill is commonly used to pickpocket and to take something while not being noticed. It can also be used pull an item out without being noticed, although that varies based on the circumstance. For instance, you may be able to draw a dagger without being noticed, however taking a set of clothing out of your backpack and dawning it without being noticed is surprisingly more difficult.


Spellcraft is a skill commonly used to identify a spell, while its being cast, after it was cast or possibly by actions or material components before it was cast. It can be used to determine magical item properties or even what the magical items themselves are. With a high enough skill check, a mage could possibly alter the capability of a spell or the effects of a spell.


This skill is rather simple to explain, this skill determines how well you can move quietly and without notice in a given environment, armor, and with any particular items on hand.


This skill focuses on the ability to live out in the wild and to push yourself through various weather conditions that would otherwise be considered impairing. Most importantly the survival skill is used for tracking a particular creature.


This skill focuses around the ability to swim in any type of liquid, or in many cases the lack of ability to swim.

Use Magic Device

Magical devices have proven themselves to be rather tricky to operate. They have the ability to bond with the person that owns them or uses them, and often respond not only to a certain word or touch, but to a particular voice, or a particular person’s touch. This skill gives the person the knowledge and understanding to possibly overwrite such things.
Now we get to Ability Scores.

There are some occasions where you can choose to roll based on an ability score instead of a certain skill.


  • Determines your carrying capacity
  • Ability to break something, and/or crush something


  • The ability to avoid something
  • The ability to adjust to a particular situation
  • The ability to fit in a tight space, awkward area, or reach a certain space.


  • Your characters health and stamina
  • How long you can hold your breath in a certain situation
  • Your bodies immune strength


  • Your ability to understand something that is unfamiliar to you
  • Your understanding of a topic that you are familiar with
  • The ability to make connections
  • The ability to tell if an action can or cannot be attempted


  • The ability to tell right from wrong
  • The ability to tell if an action should or should not be attempted
  • The ability to empathize


  • How well a person talks, using proper linguistic skills
  • How good the character appears (comparative to others of its race in society)
  • How well the person carries themselves (show of pride)
Now we get to the races, now these cover just a few of the races and how they are viewed within most societies.


The aasimar is a strange being, usually a human with a bloodline dripped down through the centuries coming from the angels high above. Most humans go throughout their life without ever knowing that such power is within them. Aasimars are incredibly rare in the world, there are very few that have been known to exist between the kingdoms, and its possible some have just gone unnoticed. The birth of an Aasimar is considered good luck for the family and even the village.


Catfolk have been seen but aren’t anywhere near common within any of the kingdoms capitals or even most villages for that matter. Catfolk are known to be adventurous by their very nature, finding the walls and regulations of big cities as nothing more than a hassle. It is not uncommon to see catfolk among raiding parties. Their stealth combined with their physical and mental flexibility makes them interesting and capable thieves.


This race is fairly unknown by their very nature. A baby changeling is usually left off at a doorstep to a family, for those that take it in, the changeling copies new family to a certain point and most make themselves fit into society flawlessly. As far as the average person could consider just about anyone they find could be a changeling due to their ability to take just about any form. There are a few hints that a changeling finds difficult to cover up. They are always women, usually with paler than usual skin, with mismatched colored eyes.


What is worse than a vampire most people ask? ‘Allowing one to breed with a woman’ is the usual response. The outcome of that idea is what is known as a dhampir, although that actual creation of a dhampir is argued, very few people will see these creatures as anything kind. Dhampirs are a form of vampire and are seen exactly as that. There are some that can make themselves hidden within a society but if one were to find that information got out, they would most likely be hunted down and killed, possibly multiple times.


The drow races have been known as the ‘evil elf’ since they have been known to exist. Most people don’t have an interest to deal with them as they belittle most, if not all, other races; constantly enforcing their own form of dominance over others. In most cases they make shrewd trades and negotiators, and in some cases even craftsman. Drow can fit into any part of society but they are usually given the evil eye due to their history, or simply because they are known as ‘evil elves’.


Dwarves are just a bit smaller than the average humanoid but they are that much tougher. Dwarves are said to have come from the mountains, created from the very rocks that tumbled down the mountains, and throughout the generations they have held onto that sturdiness with pride. Most have the tendency to be stubborn but every dwarf, with a hammer in hand, is a great crafter. Without a doubt there is no dwarf that can’t make some miraculous at a forge.
Stereotypes: They are mountain folk, absent minded of modern society and have no place in it.
Reality: They built most cities, structures, and houses, and are creative compared to most.


Elves are a race said to have come from the very trees of the feywild.They supposedly have a natural affinity to nature and in some cases the arcane. This affinity and connection to nature has made elves naturally adaptable to all environmental conditions.
Stereotypes: They are barbaric by nature, coming from the forest like the bears and boars
Reality: Elves make up a large portion of cities along side humans, and have a greater tendency to be wizards, sorcerers, and even magi.


This race is considered by most to not even be a race but a small sect of humans that have been affected by energy from the shadow plane. However, over the years they have developed


This race of humanoid has adapted to living underwater, or at the very least, have gained the ability to breath underwater. Not as inclined to a watery life as mermaids or merfolk, Gillmen often work in between societies. Gillmen seem to be an altered form of humans, and that has actually pushed them away from modern human societies. Most humans find themselves interested with a ‘purity’ idea or ideal, and seeing as gillman some sort of mutated off species


Gnomes are overlooked in most societies (pun intended). There is a very small population of gnomes in any given area, for some reason the species doesn’t thrive as well as most others. They do have a natural curiosity, that pushes them towards magic devices however. They make great inventors and tinkerers.
Stereotypes: What the hell could such a tiny thing do? Does more need be said?
Reality: The few gnomes that exist have pushed technology ages ahead of what it was.


When you need something destroyed and you don’t care how, this is the race you call. Goblins have an intention to be fairly, for lack of a better word stupid. They wield vast destructive powers, but they rarely care who or what they use it against, as long as its fun for them. Obviously these ‘beast’ are not allowed near civilized societies.


This race is only known to exist in swamp areas that they call home. Outside of that, the temperature and humidity fluctuations can be so great that they can’t find the ability to function normally. They do seem to have a society created within their homelands but very little to nothing is really known about them at all, other than two-feet tall frog people.


Half-elves are a strange group in society. Two races intermingling in such a way bother most puritans but there seem to be no poor effects on the race. They seem to gain the best of both races and have no trouble functioning mentally or physically. Although being part of both worlds opens up a large variety of possibilities, but at the same time some are shun from both worlds for their mixed heritage.
Stereotypes: A mix of both worlds is an abomination and will never be accepted in society
Reality: They are just as capable. One of the last Magus’s was a Half-elf showing arcane mastery.


this race focuses more on family then community or at least treats their family as their community. The race usually highly associates itself with its god, “Yondalla” supposedly the creator of halflings and a bringer of great luck. The race has a tendency to pride itself of that last matter. Its thought that with the halflings being one of the shortest races, it has given them a very different perception of the world.
Stereotypes: Half the person, clearly they are half the man.
Reality: They add just as much to society as any other race. It seems that any village or civilization that actually holds a temple of Yondalla with a family of halflings brings a lot of luck.


seen like their Orc relatives, half-orcs are commonly seen as monstrous creatures and blights on society. Their size combined with their human ideals creates a strange coupling. Their want for a great fate and destiny combined with their bestial nature creates problems, often issues involving accidently damaging items or places. Although half-orcs aren’t known for being diplomats or royalty, in a battle to the death, there are very few others you would want by your side.
Stereotypes: They are a smaller version of their monster parents, still a monster, just smaller
Reality: Although slightly destructive the race has an appetite for greatness.


This race is fairly similar to goblins in that they also enjoy destroying things although the hobgoblin race has the tendency to be more creative, at least with their construction plans. Hobgoblins have been known to construct siege engines to attack a small village just to take its supplies and metals for their next siege engine. Obviously not allowed NEAR capital cities.


Humans are by far the most common sentient race in the known world. They have shown the capability to live anywhere and with anyone. Unlike elves, that adapt to their surroundings, humans adapt their surroundings to them. Humans are inventive, creative, and ambitious, but other races see this as a bad thing, always claiming to want more and be better, better than others that is. Most humans believe in some type of heroic destiny of some sort, and most believe that the race will do anything in order to get to that point.
Stereotypes: They want that? Well then you probably have no hope of keeping it.
Reality: The interest in a great destiny pushes humans to do more in their short life times then most of the others race do with the very many more years they have to their lives.


This race of beings with ancestors from the elemental flame of fire are both dangerous and useful. The ifrit have an innate connection to fire and the strong ones can manipulate it at will, the utility of fire control need not be explained. However; an ifrit is much more likely to burn a house down and let it spread then to put the fire out at all. Single ifrit being brought into a community, usually for some type of diplomatic reasoning, can be acceptable as it can be controlled, however a family of them can be detrimental in obvious ways.


This species of fox people are heavy spiritual creatures. This is one of the few humanoid race species that is openly accepted inside cities although there aren’t many of them. The few that work within cities usually work as some type of fortune tellers. They help connect people with their ancestors, for anything from wisdom to riches. Besides that, the race has a deep connection to the idea of loyalty.


Kobolds work throughout the city working as blacksmiths, tinkers, and craftsmen of all types. While they are fairly accomplished at what they do, they have found themselves lacking in other areas, but sadly so have most other races. Most races talk down to kobolds treating them as nothing or very close to it, the usual rebuttal from a kobold being that they are descended from dragons.


Merfolk live primarily in either very large lake areas or on an ocean front, so that they can stay by the water, for their own advantage, and keep close to other cultures. Unlike mermaids, merfolk maintain having two legs which are partially covered in scales and fins. There aren’t many merfolk that live near major cities, and the few that do, are fairly rich seeing as they have to pay for a water environment to be installed around their estate. Most of the time they deal with trading sea based goods, either food products or just rare items altogether, if not rare magics.


This race of bipedal snake creatures isn’t well liked within most societies. In most cultures the snake is a negative omen, and seen as evil creatures. They claim to be created by nagas as a humanoid race to serve them. Nagas as well as snakes are not commonly liked by most societies being usually evil creatures. It is not at all common to find Nagaji within cities and in most case if one were to walk down the street during the day, it would have rotten fruit thrown at it. At night, people have a tendency to be not nearly as kind.


Orcs are commonly seen as vile creatures, although there are some rare exceptions, most Orcs aggressive, brutal, and malicious. Taught from birth in most Orc families that the strongest is the best, they constantly attempt to dominate others with pure strength. They are usually allowed in and out of cities, but most people have a disinterest with them, few have good stories to tell of the first time they met an orc. Although most armies are happy to accept Orcs for the frontlines. Although they aren’t that great at following rules, giving an orc a weapon and telling it who to hit the weapon with will usually assure that creature is now dead.


Similar to ifrit, these beings take creatures that have ancestors from the elemental plane of earth, instead of fire. They are fairly rare considering similar creatures, most seclude themselves off in mountains. For those who find themselves meeting an Oread have said that they are very kind and dependable creatures.


Ratfolk are masters of trading caravans, being well known as ‘pack rats’. They very rarely stay within cities as they have the tendency to make darker deals that will always benefit them. They constantly work on gaining more and more items. Some put that towards monetary wealth, but others just focus on owning random items that they haven’t previously owned. They are allowed inside cities, although they are not commonly seen, but when the right ratfolk comes into the city people will line up to see the strange goods they bring.


These beings, having a bloodline with ancestors from the elemental plane of air, are rare and strange. There are very few of these like other elemental creatures, however, unlike the others which usually prefer seclusion, a sylph will actively walk through cities, attempting to be undetected and just listening to everyone and everything. Since they are so rare, very little is known about them beyond this.


Impulsive, rash, and extraordinarily competitive, the tengu race will even sell out its own kind in order to get ahead. They get very far ahead in any type of corporation they can work in, and although that can be seen as troublesome, they never do the work poorly so they are usually well accepted, kept under control a tengu is a great worker. It is also worth mentioning that most Tengu have the tendency to have sticky fingers, so its worth keeping an eye on them.


These quasi-demonic creatures are what happen when a, usually human family, has demons in its ancestors. Although they do have what is commonly referred to as ‘evil blood’ there are many tiefling that strive to push against what is to be believed their baser instincts of destruction and gore, and become renowned humans. However there are even more tieflings that go along with their demonic blood based ideals. Tieflings have no problem working with most societies, as they don’t murder people in the streets, usually using their intelligence and guile to get what they want, only resorting to murder should they need to, and doing so very secretly.


These creatures have someone in their ancestry that hails from the elemental plane of water. Undine are fairly more common than most of the other elementals but not within capital cities. Undine prefer to stay near the ocean coasts, not for solitary reasons, but for the comfort they have being by the seas, they can leave it just as easily as any human. Outside of their skin that looks like water itself, they also are known to be melodramatic. This seems strange to any outsider but its just common for any undine. Every undine, regardless of their outward melodramatic natures, is actually very good at controlling their emotions, its more accurate to say that undine prefer to emphasis about what they talk about.


This is a race of monkey like creatures that work well in jungle habitats but have no problem living in modern-esque metropolises. They are covered head to toe in fur, and have a tail. They are usually very strong and fairly intelligent but have the tendency to be rather vain. For social functions Vanara focus on working their hair into odd shapes and styles. Their natural dexterity and strength makes them fantastic on that battlefield but can accomplish just about any job in a more calm social environment.


This serpentine race has been known to make great mercenaries. For some reason, having many attributes similar to a snake, reptile scales, slitted eyes, and a forked tongue, has made them disinterested in moral values. While this may seem evil, the vishkanya don’t seem to side towards evil or good in any real way, they just do as they are paid. They also have a nasty ability to secrete venom, which is often utilized in their mercenary work.

Details on the Rules

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