Character Creation

You are free to create any character between the Pathfinder and D&D3.5 games.
There will be no crossing over between the D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder feats, templates, ect.
You may use from any D&D3.5 source that was made into a book, the same accounts for Pathfinder
You must site any and all sources you use to create the character.
If you use a book outside the core books, I have the ability to use any source from that book in the campaign against the party. Choose your sources wisely.
The only restriction I have is I do not want any Psionic Characters in this game.
You may start the game as either a;
Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, and Halfling
I may give a player an exception but I want to know your reasoning.

For deciding your stats, 32 point buy with no stat over 18 base.
All character will be starting at Level 1.
Templates from the D&D3.5 system are allowed but with no more then a +1 level adjustment.
Templates from the Pathfinder system may not be applied to characters.
Each Pathfinder character may have one applicable trait.

Everyone’s character will be between the ages of 17-30.

Everyone will be leveling up by the D&D3.5 experience points progression.
For those focusing on the crafting skill, crafting will be used from the D&D3.5 system which will require experience reduction.

For any and all information regarding the basics of;
D&D3.5 please consult the following site
Pathfinder please consult the following site

Everyone should come up with a basic personality for their character along with a back-story that they would be interested in.
Please send me any and all ideas that you have based on the information for this game on this Obsidian Portal. They may or may not be altered due to plot information and relevance.
Keep in mind I would like more then one or two sentences.

Each person will be given a total of 3,000 gold at the beginning of the game which can be used to purchase any items they want from their specific system for their character.
You may only purchase items for your character from the system they were created from.
You will also be starting the game with a specific item that will be related to your back-story.
It may be as small as a coin or as large as a two-handed weapon.
It must be a mundane item that is neither a living creature or masterwork.
That specific item will not be deducted from the 3,000 gold you are given at the beginning.

Looking forward to any and all character ideas.

Character Creation

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