Baymore Family

The Baymore family has made a large sum of its money working with contracts with the Mage’s Academy for the safety of Thesis.
The Baymore family takes care of the cities magical needs as seen fit. With the families extensive research into the arcane combined with the Mage’s Academy resources, they have solved a myriad of Thesis’s problems, from sewage systems to water treatment and creation. Although the systems created for Thesis are far from perfect, and in some cases incomplete, they have progressed Thesis far from the farm that is started out as.

The head of the family Lanas Baymore came to be head of the family just over 60 years ago and still remains the head of the family to this day. Being an elf has its advantages when it comes to the effects of time on the body, her vast knowledge of the arcane didn’t hurt either.

Lanas Baymore has known to be rather sexist when it comes to her policies within her household. Within two months of being named the head of her household, she removed all the male heirs to the throne from the recently deceased head of the Baymore family. Needless to say they weren’t happy about this, but within her house, her word was law. The men were even evacuated from the Baymore mansion, and had to find housing elsewhere.

Lanas has made some exceptional changes to the city, both of which have been looked at strangely by just about everyone.
The first change she made, was setting up a hospital within the Eastern part of Thesis, close to housing of the middle class populace. The hospital is completely free to use, offering services in the way of salves and even clerics, healing in all art forms, if some should wish to take up a job. Although treatment is free for everyone, there is always an exceptional line that goes out the door, and giving a “donation” to the hospital has been known to get you through the line a bit faster.
The second change she made to Thesis, being placed in the poorest district far in the Northwestern corner, is a brothel. Everyone, and I mean everyone was surprised was Lanas choice to open up such an establishment. Such ideas had been floating around through private benefactors and organizations, but opening a brothel in Thesis never took off, that is until about five years ago. When asked why Lanas wanted to open up such a business within Thesis she always replied with ‘no comment’.
Both organizations are still up and functioning and making quite the large sum of money. They haven’t made anywhere near the money close to the Heranos family, but because of these two places being built, Thesis has found itself to have entered a new age.

Baymore Family

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