Arx is a kingdom to the southwest, one of the smallest capital cities of the kingdoms located to the far Southeast of what it considers to be in its territory, it has defended itself well using the natural terrain, of which it has small mountains, forests, and some swamp lands in between to guard against invaders. In most occasions the military of Arx are the most likely to attack or invade any other lands, although they haven’t been very successful.

The main difference with Arx, compared to the other kingdoms, is that while the other kingdoms hold its populace within the walls of their respective capital cities, Arx has no problem with various families building communities out beyond its reaches in the way of small villages or farm lands. In each and every case the people of these areas pay the kingdom of Arx taxes monthly. Because of the spread of its populace throughout all the lands it owns, it boasts the greatest population count of any other kingdom.

Most Notable Villages of Arx

Arx is a country divided and spread throughout the vast amount of lands the kingdom controls. Several miles can stretch between villages, and for those unlucky enough to exist on the other side of the kingdom from one another, they may never know that each other village exists. The Kingdoms have been at war for some time, each country pushing for more land and resources, but each very rarely giving way.

The capital city of Arx, houses roughly 100,000 citizens on a daily basis although this can fluctuate by a thousand or so due to incoming traders from all over Arx.

For those of you that may be confused by the different references to Arx, each Kingdom has a capital city, which is given the title of the country.

The kingdom of Arx is overseen by a committee of 13 different high standing leaders, of which democratically create laws, work on civil problems, and make any and all plans for the city. Each person on the council can be removed by popular vote. Each seat on the council only lasts at most ten years, at which point each councilmen is forced to step down. Each councilmen is voted into the council by the remaining council members, usually based on resounding feats and heroism.

As of right now the council members are
1. Knight Nico Artor, Human commander of the Vanguard
2. General Brendolf Andus, Elven leader of Arx’s military
3. Ranger Cliff Stormhold, Half-Elf commander of the Calvary
4. Archmagus Augustus, Aasimar Arxian Magus, Leader of the 5th division of Cavalry
5. Magi Octavius Xen, Elven Wizard, Leader of the 2nd division of Artillery
6. Psion Keen Mallas, Human Justice of Arx
7. Knight Ebon, Human 2nd division leader of the Vanguard
8. Arch Wizard Hendon, Half-Elf Justice of Arx
9. Bard Orious Hebit, Tiefling Justice of Arx
10. Knight “Longshot” Zenchry, Half-elf commander of the Artillery
11. Magi Akendi Noss, Gnome 1st division leader of Artillery
12. Knight Ikki’ Nor, Half-Orc 8th division leader of the Vanguard
13. Unknown

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Arx has a large military standing and has an interesting set up. The military is set up into 3 main divisions, each of with having many subdivisions. The first three divisions being “Vanguard”, “Artillery” and “Calvary”.

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This city of Arx is amazingly diverse, but what is to be expected with 100,000 citizens on average. The area is well known for its magical trinkets created by various artificers and crafters of all kinds. Its possible to find just about anything here, although there are some things that seem to be undesired throughout Arx. Most of those items include magics with darker faculties, such as necromancy or shadow based magic.

While necromantic and more evil magics are not commonly used or services rendered in Arx, there is an abundance of other items that can be purchased or worked with.
Arx has its fair share of mines throughout its various regions, and have been able to harvest in vast quantities of Bronze, Gold, Iron, Mithral, Silver,and a vast variety of stones. Because of the amazing amount of crafters and traders that go through Arx, several other materials have also become widely available, although that can very on the region. Such items could include, Black Seaweed, Bloodcrystals, Bone, Chitin, Coral, Crystalline, Dragonhide, Dragonskin, Eel Hide, Elysian Bronze, Fire-Forged Steel, Frost-Forged Steel, Ice, Obsidian, Sea Shells, Serpent Stone, Shark Skin, Silkweave, Silversheen, and Starstone.
There are of coarse other materials that could be purchased, but some items have rumors spread about them with ill omens. A merchant would have to be paid a pretty copper piece to be willing to work or get such materials.

The same can be considered for religions throughout the city, although good, and neutral, deities are common, there are never any evil or darker cults and very rarely even chaotic ones. There are some rumors going around about underground cults, but investigations due by local police forces have found no evidence.

To the contrary of the evidence, many bodies have started popping out of nowhere throughout the city, but primarily in more seedy areas, like entree ways into the sewer systems and in run down buildings, if not hotels. The bodies are usually found clean of items, and brutally beaten if not covered in lacerations. Each of the people found aren’t recognized by the local population; no one in Arx has stepped up to say that they recognize any of the people who have been killed.

Arx has just about everything a person could want, depending on their wants and needs. If your are looking for a good meal, a gold piece could buy you a meal made for a king in a fine restaurant. If a you want a good drink, there are plenty of bars throughout the city. If the night is calling your name, there are even several nightclubs that the youth of the city have the tendency to spend time at. The city has places ranging from clothing shops to even places of antiquities. There is rarely a boring time within the city, unless of coarse you would just rather sit in and relax at your home.


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