He can help you with any problem, for the right price.


Nortfire is artificer far ahead of his time. Nortfire grew up in Thesis, but found out very quickly that he was outgrowing it and wanted to expand far beyond what its walls would allow. He created a vast amount of inventions for himself and in some cases even more for his allies and friends. He has most recently taken up residence with Kristora at the Mage’s Academy. His work, with Kristora’s knowledge has led to great strides in the advancement of technology and magic.


Norfire spent a large portion of his ‘life’ with Kristora and his wife Enelya at the so called “Mages Academy”. It didn’t stay an academy very long for Norfire however. His developments in science and magic alike changed the school for the better in all cases, minus one or two mishaps (explosives, what can you do?). He soon took the academy out of the void space it was in, finding that it was too restricting not only on the mind but on the magic flow itself into the academy. He created over the period of his life a massive structure bigger then any city people have ever known, that floats far above the clouds, never seen by the eyes of the average man. A globe that floats high above the continent with a city contained within.

By far one of the greatest revolutions he created in his life time was the city’s ability to care for itself. He worked homunculus directly into the cities very functions, road work, sewage, building maintenance, all working on their own as semi-sentient beings constantly working to keep the city functioning at one-hundred percent. Now when I said he spent his entire ‘life’ working on this, that eludes to the fact that he died. This is a topic of debate for some people. Although his death was noted and his body was even cremated, there are some who believe that he somehow worked his very being into the city itself.


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