"There's no such thing as good and evil. There are just windows and those who would break them."


What started out as a favored slave in the Ortimus household, eventually worked up to being considered a brother amongst the family’s elite, particularly being liked by the household’s daughters Raina and Elena. Not long after going out to see with his so-called friend, he found himself with the nickname “Quibbles” by the group’s captain and leader. Jaques soon found himself going on journeys to places unknown, with all kinds of hell to break lose. With a dagger in one hand, a violin in the other, he left his mark everywhere he went, usually on each and every person’s throat.


As Jaques learns taking his time and life walking the various layers of hell, few demons and devils exist that would fight along side Asmodeus as creatures willing to fight whatever may spring from the Abyss. Most demons and devils were sent to the mortal realms to scheme and take souls (stereotypes). Those creatures being disbanded across the multi-verse gave them free-rein in all their choices and actions and in many cases it could mean the death or enslavement of the population of worlds.

As for Jaques himself, he learned a bit about himself, a lonely soul originally brought to the hells like any other, eventually bathed in the blood of the demons and devils king, he rose a new.
The blood that saturated his soul turned what would have been a more ordinary creature, into a creature driven by the insanity that he now thrives on. Without a way out, he spent so much time within the nine hells eventually setting himself upon a throne close to Asmodeus himself. The throne made of skulls of the departed (and some still crying), any creature or being that may have challenged him or threatened his family. He was taught by his father all things he would need to know to be the tyrant that he is, secrets of the abyss and the hells, strategies to fight not only what rises from below but also what flies above. Being a Tiefling, a son of Asmodeus sitting, locked away in the nine hells, his end is unknown.


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