The Runner


Everett is the parties so called captain and self-appointed leader. Everett wished, at a young age, to set out to see the world, and with the help of a good crew, he found just what he was looking for after meeting the people he has come to call his friends. With his amazing amount of raw luck, arrogance, and almost unnatural curiosity, or what he claimed to be his leadership style, he lead his friends and allies through hell and back.


What happened to Everett?What didn’t happen to Everett is the better question. The man has spent his entire life going throughout the world making friends and more then a few enemies, but never got himself in a jam that he couldn’t get out of. He never took his lack of recognition in Myzef well and spent the entirety of his life changing that. He became a very well known hero here and there. There wasn’t a task that he couldn’t accomplish when it came to slaying the beast or saving the damsel in distress. Just like most of the other “Children of Fate” his death was never really “recorded”.

Everett gained the ability over his youth to transport from place to place using portals, although he never really understood why…or for that matter cared to find out.
After the events of Myzef, Everette went out into the worlds and even beyond to see what he could find, always the adventurer, Everett always sought out adventure, destiny, and chaos where ever he ended up, even if there wasn’t any to find.
There are people throughout the universe that like to write downs history’s greatest events, especially of their cultures. Every single one of them hates Everett to the very core of their being.

Stories exist in every culture of the brave and valiant knight rising up to kill the dragon or monster that holds the princess captive, but as of lately, each of those stories seem to have the same ending, the knight arriving only to find the beast slain, and the princess swooning over a warrior, long gone.
This wouldn’t be too big of a problem usually, except for some of these events were declared to happen by certain gods…and then they didn’t happen. While the mortals may seen this happen and find is frustrating or saddening, those people have events like that throughout their lives, and are use to it, but for a god to be told that they were wrong….
Well I did say that Everett made enemies, some much more powerful then others.

So many fights occurred, with the gods coming down upon the land to pick their fights with Everett, but he is a hard person to pin down. The god’s magic seems to be lacking in effect on those who can disappear and reappear where ever he wishes, and whenever he wishes. Some have actually come to know him as “The Runner”, “The Defiler”, and even “The Breaker” for those who did not hear him declare his name, which he does whenever he gets the chance.
“The Runner” seems to have been vary appropriate, as the legends go Everett has seen things Gruumsh doesn’t see, has been to places Boccob doesn’t know about, and accomplished feats that would put Heironeous to shame.
As far as anyone could tell Everett was content spending his entire life doing this…until the day he met a certain, very little adventurer that had something special to him, the same kind of spirit.


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