Big and Angry and Right


Balur was a paladin of the Dragon of Myth. An orc believed to be dragon blooded spent the first bit of his life going from temple to temple to learn what he could from not one deity but each. He learned what he could from each god and applied it to his own life. He was one of a few to believe that no one god seemed to have an entirely wholesome view of life, only knowning the best about their various domains and interests. He saught a better life for himself and he found one, with the help of some deities, but eventually with the Children of Fate where he stood as the faithful vanguard for everything that is just and right.


The great draconian Paladin Balaur meant with an untimely death compared to the others. That isn’t to say though that he life was in any way in vein. He spent the entirety of his life trying to understand his powers that he was given and understanding exactly what he could do with them. He found out, with a little help from Azadeth that he was coming close to his death, only a little past half way into his life.

It seems that the energy that he was pressing through his body, from the very gods he loved and followed was killing him.

The energies going through his body was pressing it to the limit. Even the miraculous gift he had been given, of divine sight, the ability to see all things as they were, it was slowly making him blind. He spent a few years after finding this out wondering why he was dying, asking his gods why they would do this to him with no reply. He didn’t take it in sadness or even rage. He believed there was a reason for everything. He continued to use his powers for the betterment of Myzef as he could but his time soon called. As he laid on his death bed, he soon came to a conclusion why he was dying, why these powers were doing this to him.

His body, his natural Orc body had no connection to the great beings. The energy that was not necessarily meant for his Orc body was causing damage. He laid on this death bed in sadness not realizing it sooner but, something happened, as he breathed his last breath, Balaur gave out a chuckle and died with a smile on his face. His body was laid to rest in the crypts of Myzef never to be seen again.


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