Dividuus, has come to own some of the greatest resources, not only material in nature but also referring to spiritually.

The kingdom is split into two distinct sections, each controlled by a certain “Leader”. Their names have become known only to the local public of Dividuus, and seem to keep that as one of their greatest secrets for unknown reasons.
The reason they are labeled “Leader” is unknown. The same two ‘men’(what little information they have on these two leaders shows that they are both male) have controlled Dividuus since it has become a major Kingdom some seven hundred years ago.

Dividuus is split down the middle into two separate cities, each of which hang off and over a cliff. Advanced technology seems to keep the cities stable, stopping them from falling off the cliff into the sea below. Each city is completely circular, each being roughly 200 miles wide. Both cities are heavily fortified but only for defenses, the city has announced that it will not be an aggressor in any fight, seeking to be seen as a neutral body for people to live during war times. As far as information goes, the city sounds as if it is covered in gold, even the tips of the ramparts going around the cities walls are emblazoned with it. Arx has sent several representatives to the city to talk about certain politics, referring to the continued neutrality of the kingdom, but while being taken through the city, the representatives were various obviously blind sighted in certain ways to make sure they do not see the kingdoms main cities, being housed in cabins for travel, and being kept in windowless rooms.

The city is seen as a huge bank, waiting to be broken into by the other countries, and possibly random marauders, and this is pretty well known, as there have been several invasion attempts, each of which are shot down by technology no one knew Dividuus had, and are still fairly befuddled about. There are plenty of rumors going around showing Dividuus as some sort of religious hub, saying that they have housed some of the most ‘blessed individuals’. People are starting to think that chosen individuals of various gods are being kept within the city. If that is true, then it could become a huge threat in the future, if it were to have gods on its side.

The city is said to be one of the richest, out of the amount of gems and gold they have, but what is constantly confusing is where such materials are coming from, as Dividuus doesn’t have any great mine veins, comparable to Montanis, where it is finding this monetary wealth is completely unknown, at least to Arx.

Currently Dividuus and Arx have kept talks going about a massive train system that would send resources back and forth, and in some cases could be used as a lifeline to transport people if needed. Montanis has disputed the creation of a train saying that the neutral kingdom would be showing favoritism to a certain kingdom, being that two of the three main kingdoms working together could be seen as a joint agreement against Montanis, and in doing so could be seen as a deceleration of war on the part of Montanis.
The train system is still being discussed.

X024: New information has come out about the identity of the “Leaders of Dividuus”. As of recently discussion have created a heated point between Dividuus and Arx as the development of the train system is currently underway. Seeing as the train system is being seriously considered, both Leaders of Dividuus, previous unknown, decided to meet with the representatives of Arx being Magi Octavius Xen, and the Justice Orious Hebit. Both reported back saying that one city is controlled by an unknown breed of Elder Dragon, that representative Orious described as “having a very much unneeded superiority complex”. This dragon goes by the name of “Leader Hirador VI”, and seems to be both blue and red in coloration.
He supports the concept of the railway system, saying that “Dividuus will take control of the project, the workers of Arx can start putting down the rails once we have the information on the project finalized.” He apparently stays seated in his dragon form in the left cities main keep, never leaving and having any want or need brought to it. Supposedly this leader “Hirador” has bestowed upon the kingdom its vast knowledge of magic, which explains a small amount of the technological development that Dividuus has become known for.
The other Leader of Dividuus is, a previously unknown species on the continent of Tectus, is a Sphinx. True its nature according to lore, the leader which responded to the name “Jelenn”, preferred to ask questions then receive them, and didn’t seem all that interested in any real conversation unless Jelenn started it. Contrary to the information Arx had before, Jelenn is a woman, were as before, the information Arx had said that both Leaders of Dividuus were men.
Jelenn seemed a bit more cautious about topic then Hirador did, as she sought reparations for committing an act that Montanis considers worth going to war over. Any reparations that were made, were not announced, but Octavius assures that the wants of the sphinx were of no real significance to Arx.
In response to this, Montanis released a statement to both kingdoms, saying that upon the completion of the train system, unless things are changed, the Train system itself will be considered as a deceleration of war.
No responses have been made on part of Dividuus or Arx, although representatives have been planned on being sent to hold, what they hope, could be a peace conference to prevent an unneeded and unwanted war.


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