Guys, lets get along, guys.


Born in the Druidic Sanctuary, Elly trained unlike any other that ran through the trees in their youth, running around in full plate that she obtained from Thesis. Later in life, she went off to Thesis to join the Adventurer’s Guild for grand adventures. Elly has always put effort into forgoing violence when, at all possible. She has always taken care of her comrades, and anyone else that she believes deserves a second chance, or a first for that matter. Elly disappeared along with a large amount of her friends, but her, and her friends effects on Thesis will not be forgotten.


Elly spent the rest of her life attempting to convert the entire planet into a world that Lurue would consider heavenly. She spent time with all the other creatures, trying to get them what they needed and in some occasions even converting their religious ideals. This didn’t always work though. Some people, entire countries even didn’t agree with Elly’s views. This was something Elly would never truly come to understand till her final days. All she was trying to do was create peace that could spread across the world and hopefully off of it. Others saw it as a form of repression of the way they wished to live.

Elly wished to stop wars, but others saw it as a way of life. Killing, murdering, pillaging, raping, all of this damage done, it was beyond Elly’s understanding, why anyone would want to do something like that. It was not till her final days. As she rested in bed, her final hours if not minutes approaching she realized, that no matter how hard she could try, the world is always in a balance of good and evil. She could never stop war and the fighting. That is just the way the nature of man is. It has greatness within but is lined with malice. Life, in essence would never be without fighting and death. Although her death was recorded by not only her son, but priestesses of Lurue, death has always been a strange thing for a cleric to understand.


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