Grim Reaper Marc 2


Originally a follower of Nerull, Azadeth found himself eventually forsaking the being of murder and decay for a single ideal, that of death. He found himself being able to tap into a basic energy the flowed throughout the universe and bend it to his will. There were many within Thesis that met the end of his scythe. Where he is today is a mystery.


After years of traveling, he found ancient writing on the world Myzef grew across, words and letters unknown to him written across an archway, down in the depths of the ocean. It was the only standing building or formation of any kind, and seemed to be rather unaffected by the salt water’s effects and pressures. He decided to remove the archway from the depths and brought it up to ground level to study it. After a small amount of time studying the archway he was able to translate a small amount of the language on it, some words referring to ‘gate’ and ‘travel’.
Nothing else he had ever found on this world had given him any more answers then this, so at least it was a start.

He brought the archway back to Myzef secretly and hid it within the maze of catacombs he had placed under the city. After years of studying, Azadeth was growing old, even for a Drow. He found the archway was affected by a myriad of different energies even from different sources. Eventually he was able to find just the right energy type to, what could be considered, activating the archway. The letters all over it changed from whatever form they were in, into what appeared to be common, the archway had this written ~

“From land to land, from gate to gate, the mortals lie in wait.
The gods above with demons below, they each have their fate.
Several lie in between, waiting for their time
Creatures of each take up arms, standing at their prime
Unknown by them all, even greater things, this way, will come to rise -
From the darkest skies, from the deepest trenches, buried in the dirt
The gods themselves will fear when we come back to Earth.”

Although none of this is explained and the word “Earth” is an unknown factor here, Azadeth did find something in that archway. He found power, he found what he wished.
The archway itself opened, showing a rip of sorts, a tunnel to places unknown.
Upon going into the tunnel, the archway collapsed and a large explosion was left behind in his wake. This explosion is the last thing people heard before Azadeth’s body was found to be buried in the tomb. Although Azadeth will become aware of this body in the tomb after time, it was insignificant and he was unaware at the time, when he transcended all that he knew.

After walking through for a while he found himself in a place almost familiar, a void space, as black and unending as the universe itself, he found himself falling in this space, with nothing else to do. Someone was with him though, right across from him, falling into the deep abyss, a hooded figure directly across from him, covered in a black robe, with its legs crossed as if it was sitting, almost completely unseen. The only thing to make it noticeable is a scythe that sat in its lap.

Azadeth knew who this was, the creature of legend and mystery, that dark, cold, emptiness, this was the grim reaper itself. Strangely though, Azadeth found himself unable to speak to the creature sitting across from him, no word was spoken, no sound was made, as the cloaked arm of the hooded figure picked up the scythe and seemingly presented it outward towards Azadeth, as if to take it.

This is all that Azadeth wanted, the power over life and death itself, and it was being thrown upon him. He had to do, he had to reach out and take the power that he yearned for his entire life. He reached out and grasped the staff with both hands and felt something strange, he couldn’t release the scythe from his hands. The staff of the scythe was black, roughly eight feet long, and covered from base to type with engravings that seemed similar to what was originally on the archway he found. The blade that stuck off the edge of the blade seemed to change every second from razor sharp, to serrated, to covered in rust. It edges seemed to raise and fall as it chose fit. The blade itself could even extend to far beyond the length it originally had, creating a crescent shape that almost arched all the way down to the bottom of the staff.

The rob across from him began to light on fire, creating the only light within all this space and burn away to reveal a skeleton underneath, what could only be a human skeleton, which itself began to degrade away. As the bones began to turn to dust, the skull turned to Azadeth, and spoke only these few words;
“You. Do. Not. Choose.”
and with a great burst, the body disappeared into the aether, the cloak gone, the bones gone, only the scythe remained. From that point on Azadeth had become the Grim Reaper.

He found not long after that, that the title of Grim Reaper did not raise him to a god status, or anything similar, in fact the powers he wielded did not seem to be either arcane or divine, although he did work under a god, the one referred to as “The Raven Queen”. She presented him with a medallion to show that he was indeed under her domain and command. He has spent the rest of his existence, as of then under her command, ushering people from one life to the next. There was always something about him though, unlike the last, The Raven Queen might even mention it in passing.
“Whenever my newest finds the one declared, he has a look of anticipation, almost interest, until he sees the person face, then the look of absence takes over himself yet again. He almost looks disappointed. I wonder what he sees. I wonder who he is looking for.”


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