The Hatchlings

Our new characters found themselves just short a few miles of the Dragon’s Ranch, within sight, but always feeling as if it is on the horizon, some of the characters charged forward into a bit of the unknown while others thought it was to beautiful of a day to spend to ignore the eastern beach.Those who charged forward found themselves, in some cases quite literally, in the gaping maw of a green dragon who did not seem to thrilled to be awakened from an afternoon snooze.
Through a bizarre series of events, the ones who originally fought the dragon, turned and ran for the Ranch as the others who wanted nothing more then a long walk on the beach, to fight with the ferocious beast.
It seemed that luck was on the heroes sides today, as the massive green dragon was toppled by the mercenary Dane, and his relative Mahat.

As the other characters dashed towards the ranch, both could swear that they caught sight of something, or someone, a person of notable attire and characteristic, that disappeared in the blink of an eye, with neither incantation nor movement.

As Dane and Mahat slew the dragon that stood before them, they were able to pull from the carcass of the beast a small amount of hide, a single rib bone, and several toes and teeth. With both severally injured, they both limped towards the ranch both exhausted, bruised, but proud, as the tiny flocks of wyrmling backed away from the two approached the ranches main house, as if a mightier predator stood before them.

Strangely enough, the soothsayer was no where to be seen from the beginning of these events? Who knows what could have happened to him, as the machine that brought them there was purely a prototype.

Regardless of that matter, the four of characters eventually found themselves all at the ranch, as some found healing by the hands of the paladin Nico Artor, one found another form of healing, in the way of a skin graft. The fey being known as Kiki, chose to have a select amount of black scales taken from an unknown dragon, grafted onto a massive wound that she had gained on her left forearm.

After a bit of time, the characters found that while on the ranch, they had the option to seek a companion of sorts, that each could be find themselves with a dragon’s egg, as a gift for their future endeavors by Nico Artor. They were taken to a large hatchery below the plantation house that housed dozens if not a hundred eggs and took the longest time, going over each and every one until they each found an egg that seemed just right for them.
Over the term a two days a large amount of questions were asked to Nico, both about the world and the past, some looking for details, but only found themselves delving into philosophy and finding far too many more questions and not enough answers. During the two days, Faecas worked on blueprints for a new pepper-box rifle that would be made from some of the strongest material, and strangest, known to man, ‘dragon bone’. Kiki spent the large amount of time stuffed up in a room she chose to stay in with the egg she had gained, going over her spells of sorts. Dane and Mahat chose to go out to the forest West of the Ranch to find wood for the a building they had intentions of building for what they called ‘an experiment’.

Unfortunately they found themselves being used as something along the lines of play toys to a very mischievous group of dragons that called the forest their home, a group that toys with the mind, and all the senses.

Their efforts did not go without reward, however; as they were able to gain the wood required, but at the loss of a bag of holding and anything that may have been within. Two things were learned that day, dragons can be annoying creatures, and Dane does not like dealing with them.

This part of their story ended with each of them lying themselves down to sleep after such an eventful two days, to find the next morning, that Kiki’s egg had hatched.

Faecas' Journal: Entry 1

It seems I lost my old journal somewhere so I will be making this new one.

Moving along… After leaving Arx, we were teleported to “The Dragon Ranch”. It seems we lost one, the child that gave us this annoying prophecy. Shortly after arriving, however, we had a small dispute between the group. One of us wanted to take the much longer route through the beach while I wanted to take the shorter route through the grass. While neither choice was correct, me and Kiki, went through the grass and got there way ahead of them and with little trouble.

We met with Niko at his house and got Kiki healed (she was bitten by a dragon). I spoke with Niko about the various things that I might be able to work on or get during our stay. We decided that a dragon bone rifle was the best option and will be working on it for the next week.

Now for the good part. We each got our own egg(supposedly dragon). Mine is by far the best.

*insert very nice drawing of my egg *

insert very crude drawings of others eggs(sans kiki’s)

Kiki seems to have used some strange magic to make hers hatch early. It worked, but the dragon is very small and I’m worried it may break if the wind is too strong. She calls it Chip. I’ve taken to calling my egg Shiny. I will probably chose a better name when it hatches.

insert picture of Chip

I’ve been asking around trying to learn something about magic and heard about the very interesting thing, called the Shadow Plane. I intend to look more into and will talk with the Tiefling counselor next time I make it to Arx. I have been told that he knows a lot about the subject.

Kiki Post 1



The Dragon Ranch

At the very end of the last session the characters found themselves choosing to use the Arxian teleportation center to transport them to an area on the Mid-Eastern Coast of Arx.

The Next Era

Arx is a country divided. Several miles can stretch between villages, and for those unlucky enough to exist on the other side of the kingdom, they may never know that other villages even exists.


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