Arx is a country divided

…and spread throughout the vast amount of lands the kingdom controls. Several miles can stretch between villages and cities. For those unlucky enough to exist on the other side of the kingdom from one another, they may never know that each other village exists. The kingdoms have been at war for some time, each country pushing for more land and resources, but each very rarely giving way. Several weeks ago, rumors started to be spread across the continent, through the mouths of heathens and rogues, a powerful weapon is supposedly being developed in Dyradalum that could crush the other kingdoms into dust.

June 12th, X024;
Peace talks between Montanis, Dividuus, and Arx began to crumble with the beginning of the “Super Train” construction between Arx and Dividuus. Montanis has contested the construction of this device as a deceleration of war. Only the great divines know what may happen next.

In lighter news, the Phoenix Festival held in Renov has started a bit early, and has had its lowest death rate in years, counting only 19. The festival will continue to the usual end date, giving more people time to celebrate what we have come to know as “The Festival of Life.” An ironic statement in this reporters opinion.

As of three hours ago, defenses and security around Arx, and according to a few informants, “X”, Augury, and Fharlan have increased three fold. A precaution to Montanis’s deceleration? Or something more sinister right around the corner?


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